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Kewaunee High School Archives for 2021-05

Softball: Big matchup for Storm, Eagles

Though it will not give Southern Door a chance at winning the regular season Packerland crown, they will get a rubber match with Kewaunee on Thursday. The last time the two teams met, Kewaunee took a big step in their quest for a conference title, winning 8-7. Both teams are on winning streaks, as Southern Door has given up just one run in a combined two games against NEW Lutheran and Sturgeon Bay. Kewaunee is coming off three straight wins against Peshtigo, Algoma, and Bonduel. First pitch for Thursday’s game is scheduled for 5:00 PM at Southern Door High School.


Track and Field recap: Storm sweep meet

Kewaunee dominated both sides of their home invitational on Tuesday. They won both the girls and boys side of the meet over visiting schools Algoma, Oconto, Peshtigo, and Green Bay NEW Lutheran. Algoma got fourth in the girls division and fifth in the boys division.


Girls recap


Kewaunee and Algoma would take the top three spots in the 100meter dash as Lizzy O’Dill won the race with Algoma’s Morgan Mattson and Kewaunee’s Brooklyn Chevalier trailing behind. Natalie Pansier of Kewaunee won the 400 meter dash and Ashley Pribeck took third. The Storm’s Elena won the 800 meter run, and Mercedes Kroll took second in the 3200 meter run. Kewaunee also took first in both hurdle races, as Lexy Kinjerski took the 100 meter hurdles and Kaaryn Smidel won the 300 meter hurdles. The Storm also won the 4x100, 4x400, and 4x800 meter relays. 

Bobbi Blahnik shined for Algoma, winning the shot put. Right behind her was Lisa Reinke for Kewaunee. Algoma’s Syndee Guilette and Emily Kirchman also placed third and fifth. Lisa Reinke was also runner-up in the discus. Elizabeth Lamack was second place in the high jump for Kewaunee. Area teams won the long and triple jumps, as Algoma’s Morgan Mattson won the triple jump and Kewaunee’s Lizzy O’Dill was the long jump champion. 


100 Meters  Varsity - x

1.12Lizzy O'Dill13.782aKewaunee

3.11Brookelin Chevalier14.630aKewaunee

10.10Kayla DuFrense17.312aKewaunee

13.9Grace Kelly22.955aPRKewaunee


200 Meters  Varsity - x

4.11Natalie Pansier31.170aKewaunee

6.12Lizzy O'Dill31.527aKewaunee

11.10Kayla DuFrense37.114aPRKewaunee


400 Meters  Varsity - x

1.11Natalie Pansier1:05.382aSRKewaunee

3.11Ashlyn Pribek1:07.221aSRKewaunee


800 Meters  Varsity - x

1.12Elena Lewis2:46.366aSRKewaunee


1600 Meters  Varsity - x

2.11Mercedes Kroll6:37.092aKewaunee


3200 Meters  Varsity - x

1.12Elizabeth Lamack16:56.233aKewaunee


100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - x

1.11Lexy Kinjerski19.508aKewaunee

6.11Lauren Hager23.434aKewaunee


300m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - x

1.12Kaaryn Smidel50.969aSRKewaunee

3.11Lexy Kinjerski58.229aSRKewaunee


4x100 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team57.464aKewaunee


4x400 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team4:47.072aKewaunee


4x800 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team12:43.371aKewaunee


Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - x

2.11Lisa Reinke35'05.75Kewaunee

7.12Zowie Dellmann28'09.75Kewaunee

11.9Grace Kelly20'06.00Kewaunee


Discus - 1kg  Varsity - x

2.11Lisa Reinke101'09.50PRKewaunee

11.12Zowie Dellmann60'08.00Kewaunee

12.9Grace Kelly41'00.00Kewaunee


High Jump  Varsity - x

2.12Elizabeth Lamack4'8.00PRKewaunee

5.11Grace Wisnicky4'6.00Kewaunee

9.11Lauren Hager3'8.00Kewaunee


Pole Vault  Varsity - x

2.12Regina Augustian6'6.00Kewaunee

4.11Lexy Kinjerski6'6.00PRKewaunee

5.11Lizzy Kudick6'0.00Kewaunee


Long Jump  Varsity - x

1.12Lizzy O'Dill14'03.00Kewaunee

5.11Brookelin Chevalier13'02.00PRKewaunee


Triple Jump  Varsity - x

3.12Elizabeth Lamack27'05.00Kewaunee

4.11Grace Wisnicky27'05.00SRKewaunee

5.12Regina Augustian25'10.00SRKewaunee


Boys recap


Kewaunee had Tuesday winners in ten different events. Cameron Cullen and Anthony Jerabek were the top two placers in the 800 meter dash and Cullen also won the 1600, and 3200 meter runs. Kewaunee captured wins in the 4x400 and 4x800 meter relays. Kyle Karnopp was the discus winner and Jordan Lamack won the high jump. The Storm had the top three in the 110 meter hurdles, with Isaac Schlies, Cole Pawlitzky, and Ben Dorner going first through third. Collin Hlinak also won the triple and long jumps for the Storm. More details from the boys meet are pictured below. 


100 Meters  Varsity - x

9.9Isaac Benz13.250aPRKewaunee

10.10Brian Wiest13.665aKewaunee


200 Meters  Varsity - x

4.12Collin Hlinak25.464aSRKewaunee

9.9Maddix Mueller26.935aPRKewaunee

15.10Brian Wiest29.968aKewaunee


400 Meters  Varsity - x

2.9Christopher Cullen55.772aPRKewaunee

3.11Anthony Jerabek57.414aPRKewaunee

4.12Dalton Sisel1:01.725aSRKewaunee

6.10Mitch Swagel1:03.621aKewaunee


800 Meters  Varsity - x

1.11Cameron Cullen2:10.655aPRKewaunee

2.11Anthony Jerabek2:15.676aSRKewaunee

6.9Christopher Cullen2:24.046aKewaunee


1600 Meters  Varsity - x

1.11Cameron Cullen4:47.099aKewaunee

4.10Jordan Lamack5:19.119aPRKewaunee

6.11Jacob Schleis5:31.413aKewaunee

8.9James Joski5:32.784aKewaunee


3200 Meters  Varsity - x

1.11Cameron Cullen10:52.730aKewaunee

3.9James Joski12:33.180aKewaunee


110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - x

1.10Isaac Schlies18.142aPRKewaunee

2.11Cole Pawlitzky19.194aKewaunee

3.11Ben Dorner21.177aPRKewaunee

5.10Brian Wiest23.152aPRKewaunee

6.10Matt Wery25.542aPRKewaunee


300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - x

3.10Isaac Schlies48.347aPRKewaunee

4.11Cole Pawlitzky48.434aPRKewaunee

5.11Ben Dorner50.039aPRKewaunee


4x100 Relay  Varsity - x

3.Relay Team50.935aKewaunee


4x200 Relay  Varsity - x

2.Relay Team1:45.295aKewaunee


4x400 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team4:32.748aKewaunee


4x800 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team11:04.219aKewaunee


Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - x

2.9Kemper Robinson36'06.75PRKewaunee

4.11Mitch Kinjerski34'03.00PRKewaunee

6.11Kyle Karnopp33'08.00PRKewaunee

9.12Harry Bowman32'06.50PRKewaunee

11.11Aidan Degrave31'11.50PRKewaunee

12.11Landen Hemming-Kuehl30'01.50PRKewaunee

13.9Matthew Boeder28'01.50Kewaunee

15.10Jack Paulsen27'07.75PRKewaunee


Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - x

1.11Kyle Karnopp111'04.50PRKewaunee

3.9Kemper Robinson103'00.00PRKewaunee

5.11Aidan Degrave98'08.50Kewaunee

8.12Harry Bowman94'07.00PRKewaunee

11.11Landen Hemming-Kuehl80'11.00Kewaunee

12.11Mitch Kinjerski79'01.00PRKewaunee

14.11Jacob Schleis77'06.00Kewaunee

18.9Matthew Boeder65'00.00Kewaunee

20.10Jack Paulsen57'08.00Kewaunee


High Jump  Varsity - x

1.10Jordan Lamack5'10.00PRKewaunee

3.9Maddix Mueller5'2.00Kewaunee

7.11Anthony Jerabek4'10.00Kewaunee


Pole Vault  Varsity - x

2.11Cole Pawlitzky11'0.00Kewaunee

6.10Mitch Swagel8'6.00Kewaunee

7.11Anthony Jerabek8'6.00PRKewaunee

9.10Matt Wery7'0.00Kewaunee


Long Jump  Varsity - x

1.12Collin Hlinak17'08.25Kewaunee

4.12Steven Ledvina16'06.50Kewaunee

7.10Isaac Schlies16'04.50Kewaunee

9.12Dalton Sisel15'11.50PRKewaunee


Triple Jump  Varsity - x

1.12Collin Hlinak38'01.50SRKewaunee

3.12Steven Ledvina35'07.00PRKewaunee

6.10Jordan Lamack33'06.00Kewaunee

7.12Dalton Sisel33'06.00PRKewaunee

8.10Isaac Schlies33'04.50Kewaunee


Softball: Kohnle leads Storm to conference win over Algoma

Claire Kohnle had a day of dominance in the pitcher's circle in the Kewaunee Storm win over Algoma on Monday. She sat down seven batters on strikes and also had an RBI to contribute to the 10-0 win in five innings over the Wolves. The Wolves will have until Thursday to rebound when they take on Oconto at home at 5 PM. For Kewaunee, they face Bonduel in a non-conference game on Tuesday. The first pitch is scheduled for 4:30 PM. 


Kewaunee baseball hosts lakeshore rivals Monday

The war on the shore heads to the baseball diamond on Monday as Kewaunee hosts Algoma in Packerland Conference action.


The Storm scored in five consecutive innings in its 16-6 rout of NEW Lutheran its last time out on Saturday. The Wolves lost to the Blazers the day before 6-3 as they continue to look for their first conference win of the spring.


Monday's game begins at 5 p.m.

Baseball: Storm continue rolling

Kewaunee is up to six straight wins and hasn’t been handed a loss in ten days after Saturday’s victory over Green Bay NEW Lutheran. The Storm won the first game 11-5, and the second game 16-6. With the win, Kewaunee is now 10-1 in Packerland matchups and are 11-5 overall. They take the field next on Monday in Algoma. First pitch is scheduled for 5 PM.

Softball: Kewaunee takes down Peshtigo, clinches title

Kewaunee softball clinched a regular-season Packerland Conference championship on Friday in a win in the battle of top Packerland teams. Kewaunee knocked off undefeated Peshtigo in a 10-9 win. Kewaunee would not get the win easy, as they would find themselves in a 5-0 hole early on. Kewaunee would climb back scoring three runs in inning three and another in the fourth. They exploded for six runs in the fifth inning. Peshtigo came into the game with a 7-0 conference record, and will now have their first loss as Kewaunee moves onto 9-0 in Packerland play. The Storm look to continue their conference dominance when they meet up with Algoma at home on Monday.


Baseball: Storm trying to keep pace on Friday

Kewaunee is just one game out of first place in the Packerland Conference, Kewaunee will try to further separate from Peshtigo in the standings on Friday. Kewaunee is coming off wins against Gibraltar and a doubleheader sweep over Sturgeon Bay. Peshtigo suffered their second conference loss against Oconto on Tuesday. The Storm are 6-1 in conference play this season and Peshtigo is 3-2 in the Packerland. The first pitch is scheduled for 5 PM in Kewaunee. 


Soccer: Storm unable to get past Roncalli

Kewaunee would be unable to get going on the offensive end in their 6-0 loss to Roncalli on Thursday. Kewaunee would give up a hat trick to Hannah Pajula and are now 1-4 in conference play. Kewaunee will have the rest of the week to get ready for their next game on Tuesday. They will take on New Holstein at home with a 4:30 PM start time.

Softball: Kewaunee drops non-conference game

Kewaunee took a loss on Thursday but it won’t affect them come postseason time. They fell in a home game to Chilton, 8-5. Kewaunee remains 8-0 in Packerland play, but drops their overall record to 8-3. Kewaunee will be back in conference play for a battle of conference unbeatens, when they face Peshtigo on Friday in Kewaunee. Peshtigo is 7-0 in the conference and 13-0 overall. The game begins at 5 PM.

Soccer: Storm looking to cool Jets

Kewaunee will look to end a losing streak on Thursday when they take on the Jets of Roncalli High School. Kewaunee is 1-3 in the Packerland conference and coming off a shutout loss to Sturgeon Bay. For Roncalli, they got their first win of the season over Packerland foe, Sevastopol/Gibraltar. They are 1-6 overall this season. First touch is scheduled for 4:30 PM at Roncalli High School. 


Kewaunee track boasts 10 champs at relay meet

The Kewaunee Storm Track and Field put themselves in very good position to win the Packerland Track and Field Relays Meet on Tuesday in Kewaunee.


The boys' squad won six events while the girls won four.


Winners on the boys' side include the 4x1600M, 4x400m, and sprint medley relays, high jumper Jordan Lamack, pole vaulter Cole Pawlitzky and long jumper Collin Hlinak.


For the girls, event champions included 100M hurdler Kaaryn Smidel and the 3x1600m, 4x400m, and 4x800m relays.



1600 Meters  Varsity - x

1.Kewaunee 4x160021:22.622aKewaunee


110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - x

3.10Isaac Schlies19.548aKewaunee

4.11Cole Pawlitzky19.889aKewaunee

5.10Brian Wiest23.778aPRKewaunee


300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - x

3.11Cole Pawlitzky49.954aPRKewaunee

4.10Isaac Schlies50.730aKewaunee

10.11Jacob Schleis55.989aKewaunee


4x100 Relay  Varsity - x

6.Relay Team49.244aKewaunee


4x200 Relay  Varsity - x

2.Relay Team1:42.522aKewaunee


4x400 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team3:48.396aKewaunee


4x800 Relay  Varsity - x

2.Relay Team9:57.431aKewaunee


SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  Varsity - x

1.Kewunee Sprint Medley4:19.611aKewaunee


DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]  Varsity - x

2.Kewaunee Distance Medley12:08.318aKewaunee


Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - x

3.9Kemper Robinson36'01.50PRKewaunee

5.11Mitch Kinjerski33'11.50PRKewaunee

9.11Kyle Karnopp32'05.50Kewaunee


Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - x

5.11Kyle Karnopp97'08.00Kewaunee

9.11Landen Hemming-Kuehl85'00.00Kewaunee

14.11Aidan Degrave76'08.00Kewaunee


High Jump  Varsity - x

1.10Jordan Lamack5'8.00Kewaunee

4.9Maddix Mueller5'2.00Kewaunee

11.11Anthony Jerabek4'10.00Kewaunee


Pole Vault  Varsity - x

1.11Cole Pawlitzky11'0.00Kewaunee

5.10Mitch Swagel9'0.00PRKewaunee

7.11Anthony Jerabek8'0.00SRKewaunee


Long Jump  Varsity - x

1.12Collin Hlinak17'11.25PRKewaunee

5.10Isaac Schlies17'02.25PRKewaunee

8.12Steven Ledvina16'02.00Kewaunee


Triple Jump  Varsity - x

2.12Collin Hlinak37'08.00Kewaunee

6.10Isaac Schlies33'07.50Kewaunee

7.12Steven Ledvina33'02.00Kewaunee



1600 Meters  Varsity - x

1.Kewaunee 3x160020:40.551aKewaunee


100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - x

3.11Lexy Kinjerski19.928aKewaunee

5.11Grace Wisnicky21.762aKewaunee

7.11Lauren Hager23.982aKewaunee


300m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - x

1.12Kaaryn Smidel51.233aSRKewaunee

5.11Lexy Kinjerski1:02.655aKewaunee

6.11Lauren Hager1:13.206aSRKewaunee


4x100 Relay  Varsity - x

2.Relay Team55.485aKewaunee


4x200 Relay  Varsity - x

2.Relay Team1:56.480aKewaunee


4x400 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team4:39.487aKewaunee


4x800 Relay  Varsity - x

1.Relay Team11:50.361aKewaunee


SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  Varsity - x

2.Kewaunee Sprint Medley5:12.384aKewaunee


DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]  Varsity - x

2.Kewaunee Distance Medley15:02.158aKewaunee


Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - x

2.11Lisa Reinke34'01.25Kewaunee

10.12Zowie Dellmann28'00.25Kewaunee

18.9Grace Kelly19'09.50Kewaunee


Discus - 1kg  Varsity - x

3.11Lisa Reinke97'09.00Kewaunee

14.12Zowie Dellmann60'09.50SRKewaunee

21.9Grace Kelly34'05.00Kewaunee


High Jump  Varsity - x

7.11Grace Wisnicky4'6.00Kewaunee

12.12Elizabeth Lamack4'2.00Kewaunee

18.11Lauren Hager3'8.00Kewaunee


Pole Vault  Varsity - x

3.11Lizzy Kudick6'0.00Kewaunee

3.12Regina Augustian6'0.00Kewaunee

---11Lexy KinjerskiNHKewaunee


Long Jump  Varsity - x

5.12Lizzy O'Dill13'02.75Kewaunee

12.11Lizzy Kudick11'02.00SRKewaunee

13.11Brookelin Chevalier11'01.25Kewaunee


Triple Jump  Varsity - x

7.12Elizabeth Lamack27'03.00Kewaunee

9.11Grace Wisnicky26'02.00Kewaunee

10.12Regina Augustian25'03.25SRKewaunee

Kewaunee softball battles Chilton in road game

The Kewaunee Storm softball team hits the road on Thursday for a non-conference matchup against Chilton.


The Storm enters the contest against Chilton with an 8-3 record overall, including 8-1 in the Packerland Conference. Winners of seven in a row, they toppled Sturgeon Bay earlier this week by a score of 13-2. The Tigers boast a 10-1 record, which includes a 6-3 win over Seymour on Tuesday. Their last loss was May 7th to New Holstein. First pitch is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. in Kewaunee.

Softball: Storm continue rolling over Clippers

Kewaunee remains untouched in the Packerland Conference after a 13-2 win over Sturgeon Bay on Tuesday. Kewaunee is now 7-0 in conference play and Sturgeon Bay is now 1-6. The Clippers have a chance to rebound on Monday when they face Southern Door at home. Kewaunee’s next game will also be at home when they face Chilton on Thursday.

Baseball: Storm strike Clippers

Kewaunee stayed in good position in the Packerland Conference chase for the top spot with an 8-3 win over Sturgeon Bay on Tuesday. For Kewaunee, Caleb Schaller would gain the win pitching. The bats were active for Kewaunee as Payton Kohnle and Mitch Thompson would each get two hits. Kewaunee would also hit five doubles, and nine hits overall. Sturgeon Bay would get five hits, including two from Chris Lodl. 


The two teams would play a non-conference second game which went four innings and Kewaunee won 13-3. The Clippers are now 4-3 in Packerland play and 8-8 overall. They will get time to rest until Monday when they host the conference leader, Southern Door. Kewaunee is now 5-1 in conference with a home game against Peshtigo scheduled for Friday.


Kewaunee hosts unique meet Tuesday

Track fans will see some unique events in Kewaunee when Algoma, Gibraltar, Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran High School, Oconto, Peshtigo, Sevastopol, Southern Door, and Sturgeon Bay visit for a varsity relays meet.


All of the events will be scored as relays with the cumulative distance and heights counted in the field events. The meet will also include the sprint medley and distance medley, two events usually reserved for relay meets. 


The first event is scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

Baseball: Storm blitz past Vikings

Aided by an explosive second and third inning, Kewaunee stormed past Gibraltar on Friday to capture their first win of the week. The Storm would score six runs in the second inning and four in the third. They would add cushion and enforce the ten-run rule with four runs in the sixth inning. For Gibraltar, it adds to a rocky stretch since their hot start to the season. Both teams will get the weekend to recover from a busy week. The next time Gibraltar will be in action is on Monday when they take on Wrightstown in a road non-conference match. Kewaunee will be back on the field on Tuesday when they visit Sturgeon Bay. 


Baseball: Storm put out by Denmark

Kewaunee will have back to back games against Viking mascots this week, and in the first one on Thursday, they fell to an undefeated Denmark VIking team in non-conference action. The final score would end up 17-1. It was Kewaunee’s second straight loss. Kewaunee is now 5-5 overall on the season and 3-1 in Packerland play. The Storm will get a chance to rebound when they face Gibraltar on the road on Friday. The game will begin at 5 PM. 


Softball: Kewaunee runs past Gibraltar

The Kewaunee Storm softball team would improve to 5-0 on the season in Thursday’s win over Gibraltar. The Storm are tied for the top spot in the Packerland conference with Peshtigo. Gibraltar falls to 1-5 with the loss. The Vikings and Storm are scheduled to play again on June 1st. For Gibraltar, they get a short break before their next game on Tuesday, when they host Green Bay NEW Lutheran. Kewaunee will be back in action Friday for a non-conference showdown with Luxemburg-Casco. First pitch for that game is at 4:30 PM. 


Softball: Storm looking to stay perfect against Gibraltar

Kewaunee will look to remain perfect in Packerland conference play when they host Gibraltar on Thursday. Gibraltar will attempt to keep rolling after their first conference win against Sturgeon Bay on Tuesday. Kewaunee had their winless conference record challenged in their extra-inning win on Tuesday over Southern Door. First pitch for the Kewaunee and Gibraltar game is scheduled for 5 PM at Gibraltar High School. 


Kewaunee boys run over Oconto quad competition

The Kewaunee track teams nearly swept the competition at Tuesday's Oconto quad meet.


The boys scored 132 points, nearly doubling up second place Sturgeon Bay. Even winners included Cameron Cullen in the 1600M and 3200M, Christopher Cullen in the 800M, Cole Pawlitzky in the 110M hurdles and pole vault, Collin Hlinak in the triple jump, and Jordan Lamack in the high jump.


The girls came up just shy against Sevastopol, getting outscored 98 to 97. Event winners included Lizzy O'Dill in the 100M and 200M, Lisa Reinke in the discus, and the 4x400M and 4x800M relays.



100 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

3.12Collin Hlinak12.44aPRKewaunee

10.10Brian Wiest13.41aPRKewaunee

11.9Isaac Benz13.43aKewaunee


200 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

5.10Jesse Morales-Hernandez28.09aPRKewaunee

9.10Brian Wiest29.76aKewaunee


400 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

5.11Anthony Jerabek59.16aSRKewaunee

7.10Mitch Swagel1:02.59aPRKewaunee

8.11Ben Dorner1:02.85aSRKewaunee

9.12Dalton Sisel1:02.86aKewaunee


800 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

1.9Christopher Cullen2:12.26aPRKewaunee

3.10Jordan Lamack2:22.33aPRKewaunee

4.9James Joski2:23.52aKewaunee

8.11Ben Dorner2:38.17aKewaunee


1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

1.11Cameron Cullen4:55.62aPRKewaunee

2.9James Joski5:26.63aPRKewaunee

3.11Jacob Schleis5:28.12aKewaunee


3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

1.11Cameron Cullen10:24.79aPRKewaunee

2.11Jacob Schleis12:43.20aSRKewaunee


110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals x

1.11Cole Pawlitzky19.01aKewaunee

3.10Isaac Schlies19.40aPRKewaunee


300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals x

2.11Cole Pawlitzky52.52aKewaunee

3.10Isaac Schlies56.91aKewaunee


4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

4.Isaac Benz
Dalton Sisel
Jesse Morales-Hernandez
Brian Wiest54.07aKewaunee


4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

2.Isaac Benz
Isaac Schlies
Christopher Cullen
Maddix Mueller1:46.36aKewaunee


4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

2.Christopher Cullen
Anthony Jerabek
Maddix Mueller
Jordan Lamack3:57.56aKewaunee


4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

1.Mitch Swagel
Jacob Schleis
Ben Dorner
Matt Wery10:19.35aKewaunee



Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals x

6.11Mitch Kinjerski33-01.00Kewaunee

7.11Kyle Karnopp32-02.00Kewaunee

10.11Aidan Degrave30-01.50Kewaunee

13.11Landen Hemming-Kuehl27-07.50Kewaunee

14.10Jack Paulsen27-07.00PRKewaunee


Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals x

3.11Landen Hemming-Kuehl88-10PRKewaunee

4.11Jacob Schleis87-06PRKewaunee

5.11Aidan Degrave86-03Kewaunee

6.11Kyle Karnopp83-00Kewaunee

14.11Mitch Kinjerski71-09Kewaunee

16.10Jack Paulsen56-10Kewaunee


High Jump  Varsity - Finals x

1.10Jordan Lamack5-06.00Kewaunee

7.9Maddix Mueller4-10.00Kewaunee

--11Anthony JerabekNHKewaunee


Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals x

1.11Cole Pawlitzky11-06.00PRKewaunee

3.10Mitch Swagel8-06.00PRKewaunee

4.10Matt Wery7-00.00Kewaunee


Long Jump  Varsity - Finals x

2.12Collin Hlinak16-11.25SRKewaunee

4.12Steven Ledvina16-06.50PRKewaunee

5.10Isaac Schlies15-05.50Kewaunee

9.12Dalton Sisel14-03.25Kewaunee

10.9Christopher Cullen14-02.75Kewaunee


Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals x

1.12Collin Hlinak37-09.00SRKewaunee

2.12Steven Ledvina33-08.50PRKewaunee

3.10Jordan Lamack33-01.75Kewaunee

4.12Dalton Sisel31-10.50PRKewaunee



100 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

1.12Lizzy O'Dill13.31aSRKewaunee

4.11Brookelin Chevalier14.31aPRKewaunee

12.10Kayla DuFrense17.28aKewaunee


200 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

1.12Lizzy O'Dill29.04aKewaunee

4.11Natalie Pansier30.65aKewaunee

5.11Brookelin Chevalier31.26aPRKewaunee


400 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

2.11Natalie Pansier1:06.82aSRKewaunee

4.11Ashlyn Pribek1:08.05aSRKewaunee


800 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

3.12Elena Lewis2:47.32aSRKewaunee


1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

3.11Mercedes Kroll6:31.11aPRKewaunee


3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals x

2.12Elizabeth Lamack14:12.55aSRKewaunee

5.12Elizabeth Lamack14:23.55aKewaunee


100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals x

5.11Lexy Kinjerski20.09aKewaunee

9.11Grace Wisnicky21.70aSRKewaunee

10.11Lauren Hager23.20aSRKewaunee


300m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals x

2.12Kaaryn Smidel53.86aKewaunee

5.11Lexy Kinjerski1:02.36aKewaunee

6.11Lauren Hager1:16.37aKewaunee


4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

4.Lizzy Kudick
Lexy Kinjerski
Regina Augustian
Grace Wisnicky1:05.43aKewaunee


4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

3.Lizzy Kudick
Brookelin Chevalier
Grace Wisnicky
Lizzy O'Dill2:04.88aKewaunee


4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

1.Ashlyn Pribek
Natalie Pansier
Elena Lewis
Kaaryn Smidel4:35.73aKewaunee


4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals x

1.Ashlyn Pribek
Mercedes Kroll
Regina Augustian
Elena Lewis11:59.25aKewaunee


Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals x

2.11Lisa Reinke32-01.00Kewaunee

3.12Zowie Dellmann29-03.00PRKewaunee

11.9Grace Kelly20-11.50Kewaunee


Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Finals x

1.11Lisa Reinke98-00Kewaunee

8.12Zowie Dellmann58-08SRKewaunee

13.9Grace Kelly42-04PRKewaunee


High Jump  Varsity - Finals x

5.12Elizabeth Lamack4-04.00Kewaunee

7.11Grace Wisnicky4-04.00Kewaunee


Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals x

2.12Regina Augustian7-00.00PRKewaunee

3.11Lizzy Kudick6-00.00PRKewaunee

4.11Lexy Kinjerski5-06.00PRKewaunee


Long Jump  Varsity - Finals x

4.12Lizzy O'Dill12-10.50Kewaunee

9.11Brookelin Chevalier11-11.50Kewaunee


Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals x

3.12Elizabeth Lamack29-03.50Kewaunee

5.11Grace Wisnicky25-02.50Kewaunee

6.12Regina Augustian25-00.25PRKewaunee


Baseball: Storm look to hand Denmark first loss

Kewaunee will have another tough task coming off their first conference loss of the season on Tuesday. The Storm will host Denmark on Thursday, who is undefeated on the season. The Storm have a 3-1 conference record and are 5-4 overall heading into their showdown with the 9-0 Vikings. This is the first of two non-conference games for Kewaunee in the next four days. The Storm will visit Luxemburg-Casco on Monday. Kewaunee will face Gibraltar on Friday in between the two games. The start time for Thursday’s game is at 4:30 PM.

Softball recap: Storm remain perfect over Southern Door

It took Kewaunee nine innings to capture their win over Southern Door in softball and stay undefeated in Packerland conference play. The Storm would win 8-7 over Southern Door and move to 4-0 in conference play. Kewaunee will host Gibraltar on Thursday. For the Eagles, they are now 2-2 in conference and will matchup with Oconto at home on Thursday. 


Softball: Storm look to stay unbeaten against Eagles

Kewaunee will be trying to bring their conference record to 4-0 when they face off against Southern Door on Tuesday. Kewaunee last played on Thursday, grabbing a close conference victory over Sevastopol. The Storm are tied with Peshtigo for first place in the Packerland conference. The Eagles are 2-1 in conference and are the Packerland’s fourth team as of Tuesday. First pitch for Tuesday’s game between the two is at 5 PM. 


Cullen finishes season strong at state cross country

Kewaunee junior Cameron Cullen wrapped up his cross country senior in grand fashion on Saturday at the WIAA Alternative Spring State Cross Country Meet in Janesville.


Cullen's 17:11 on the 5K course was one of his season's best. It was good for 42nd overall on a fast Blackhawk Golf Course route that saw all but one runner break 20 minutes and almost half the field finish in under 17 minutes. 


Jake Bourget's 15:38 won the 5K race as he helped Stevens Point win a state title. Full results can be found here.

Baseball: Late inning strike seals Storm victory

Kewaunee held on to a 1-0 lead through the first three innings on Saturday. In the fourth inning Kewaunee would build onto their lead scoring two runs. As Algoma was looking to fight back into the game, Kewaunee would stretch their lead too far to accomplish that. Kewaunee would explode in the sixth inning, scoring eleven runs. After six full innings the game would end on the ten-run rule, and the Storm would gain a 14-0 victory. Algoma is now 0-9 on the season, and Kewaunee is now 4-2. The Storm will play Southern Door on Tuesday. For the Wolves, they’ll visit Oconto on Tuesday.

Softball: Storm hold off Pioneers

Kewaunee ended a two-game losing skid on Saturday when they narrowly defeated Sevastopol, 10-9. The game puts both teams’ record on the season at 2-3 overall. For Kewaunee, they will try to get to .500 on Saturday when they face an Algoma team who’s had an up and down start to their season. For Sevastopol, they will host Oconto on Saturday.


Baseball: Storm washes away Pioneers

Kewaunee started out Thursday getting a dominant win over Sevastopol in baseball, 14-4. Kewaunee would continue lighting up the scoreboard, winning game two 16-3. The Storm are now 4-2 on the season, and will face Algoma on Saturday. For the Pioneers, they are now 0-6 and will go for the first win on Saturday, against Oconto. 


Baseball: Intriguing non-conference matchup for Storm

Kewaunee is going for their third straight win on Tuesday when they face Crivitz on the road. The Storm are 2-1, having swept a doubleheader against Oconto after their season opening loss to Manitowoc Lincoln. Crivitz is 4-1, with their only loss coming from out of state, versus Iron Mountain of Michigan. First pitch is scheduled for 4:30 PM. 


Softball: Storm looking to turn around

The Keweaunee Storm softball team will be in search of a win on Tuesday after struggling on Saturday, going 0-2 in the Denmark triangular with a loss to Denmark and Shawano. The Storm’s record is 1-3. Their opponent, Green Bay NEW Lutheran is 0-2 this season with a doubleheader loss to Peshtigo. The Tuesday doubleheader is scheduled to start at 4:30 PM in Green Bay.

Kewaunee's Cullen qualifies for state

Kewaunee's Cameron Cullen will have one more race this alternative fall season after qualifying for the state meet on Saturday.


Cullen's 18:19 5K time was not his fastest of the season after breaking 18 minutes a handful of times at meets, but his fifth-place finish helped him be the area's only individual qualifier. As a whole, the Kewaunee boys took seventh out of eight qualifying teams at the Whitewater sectional. The Kewaunee girls were also the only local team with enough runners to score, taking eighth place out of nine teams with 193 points. Hannah Morton paced the Storm girls with a time of 24:52.


Cullen will race at this Saturday's state meet at Blackhawk Golf Course in Janesville.




5 1 #1351 Cameron Cullen 11 18:19.2 25 2 #1354 Jordan Lamack 10 20:36.4 28 3 #1352 Christopher Cullen 9 20:54.6 42 4 #1350 Jordan Brann 9 22:34.7 44 5 #1353 James Joski 9 22:48.5 (46) 6 #1355 Cole Pawlitzky 11 23:14.9 (51) 7 #1356 Matt Wery 10 24:10.6



29 1 #1427 Hannah Morton 9 24:52.1 37 2 #1428 Natalie Pansier 11 25:35.5 40 3 #1426 Elizabeth Lamack 12 26:04.9 43 4 #1424 Regina Augustian 12 26:12.0 44 5 #1425 Mercedes Kroll 11 26:17.2 (51) 6 #1429 Kaaryn Smidel 12 27:44.7 



Kewaunee football drops finale

The Kewaunee Storm football team wrapped up their alternative spring football season on Saturday at Lodi with a 40-6 loss. Kewaunee had offensive struggles at the beginning of the game, as Quarterback Mitchell Thompson would get sacked, and fumble on the opening drive. Kewaunee would hold Lodi on the ensuing possession to a missed field goal. Offenses exchanged turnovers as Lodi would also mishandle a handoff which would be recovered by Braxton Riha. 


Kewaunee would threaten to get the first score, but an interception in the endzone would squash that opportunity in the first quarter. Lodi would eventually get on the board before halftime on a one yard touchdown run. The half would end with Lodi up 6-0. In the third quarter it would be all Lodi, as they would build up to a 40-0 lead with just a few minutes left in the game. On the final drive of the season, Kewaunee would score on a five yard pass from Mitchell Thompson to Mitchell VanGoethem. Kewaunee will finish 2-4 in the alternative season. Lodi finished undefeated. Kewaunee loses five seniors to graduation before strapping on the pads this coming fall.


Kewaunee baseball gets non-conference sweep

With a sweep over Oconto on Friday, the Kewaunee Storm baseball team has won two straight games since dropping their season opener. The Storm took game one of the two-game affair, 11-1. They were able to take control in the following game with a 9-4 victory. With the win, the Storm are now 2-1. Their next game is on Tuesday at Crivitz. The start time is set for 4:30 PM.