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Gibraltar High School Archives for 2020-05

Sitte, Stillman named Gibraltar student-athletes of the year

Abbi Sitte and Brandon Stillman were named Gibraltar's student-athletes of the year during the school's virtual senior awards night Wednesday.


Sitte was hoping to qualify for the state track meet again this spring after competing in the 100M, 200M, and 4 x 200M relay last year. Sitte was also an all-Packerland Conference performer in volleyball and basketball during her senior year. Gibraltar's volleyball team won two straight regional championships and the basketball team was a game away from qualifying for sectionals in 2020 with Sitte on the team. Sitte will attend UW-Milwaukee in the fall.


Stillman was aiming to help the baseball team breakthrough to the state baseball tournament after helping it win regionals two years in a row. He was also an All-MONLPC Eight-Man Honorable Mention running back for the football team that made two straight playoff appearances and played on the sectional-qualifying basketball team in 2019. Stillman will head to Arizona State this fall.'s Champion of Champions Series: 1995 Gibraltar Cross Country

Familiar faces helped the Gibraltar Vikings' girls cross country team repeat as state champions in 1995.


Taking place once again at the state's cross country course in Wisconsin Rapids, Felice Birmingham shaved off over 15 seconds to be the team's top finisher with a time of 15:44 on the 4K course. That was good for fourth overall and second place out of the runners connected to teams. Gibraltar had four of its five runners finish in the top 10 for scoring spots for teams. Erika Jacobson (15:58) broke 16 minutes while Alissa Jacobson followed closely behind with a time of 16:06. Newcomer Julie Jorns came in fourth place for the Vikings on the score sheet, running a 16:13. Sarah Blackwood ran a 17:13 to place all scoring Vikings runners in the top 50 overall.



1Rachel EarneyCochrane-Fountain City15:10

2Stphanie SpeckmanJuda15:23

3Mel LuetheBrookwood15:41

4Felice BirminghamGibraltar15:44

5Denise Bay Glidden15:48

6Tasha WiegelRib Lake15:54

7Erika JacobsonGibraltar15:58

8Jennifer JeromeBangor15:59

9Alissa LeustekDrummond16:00

10Melissa HippHilbert16:04

11Lori FormoeBoyceville16:04

12Alissa JacobsonGibraltar16:06

13Frida ValdimarssonFennimore16:06

14Laura AneshansleySpencer16:10

15Debra ArnesonFall Creek16:11

16Julie JornsGibraltar16:13

17Autumn PohlmanMarshall16:15

18Vicky PaulsonAugusta16:20

19Jill DivanPrinceton16:22

20Amanda MikaDrumond16:23

21Jaclyn WilkinsonFennimore16:26

22Faye GilbertNorth Crawford16:29

23Kim BlackburnFennimore16:31

24Tiffany ShirzFennimore16:32

25Kara WirthDarlington16:33

26Mindy BeredesBrookwood16:37

27Sara VandevoordeHurley16:40

28Jessica ZellHurley16:41

29Marsha TenpasElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah16:44

30Kristy BurnsWebster16:44

31Melissa KraemerElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah16:46

32Karen HelmsFennimore16:48

33Beth TanulaMellen16:48

34Molly WhitfordDarlington16:49

35Krystal CarrBrookwood16:49

36Julie LiebichColfax16:51

37Catherine CullenRib Lake16:55

38Christina BairdAlgoma16:57

39Tamara GreenPestigo16:58

40Kari WondersDarlington16:59

41Julie StemperElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah17:00

42Diane FuerstenbergIowa-Grant17:01

43Melissa SchwartzFall Creek17:01

44Lydena RogersMarshall17:03

45Karin PetersonBrookwood17:06

46Kelly CordtsFennimore17:08

47Natalie WittDrummond17:09

48Jody DollBrookwood17:10

49Sarah BlackwoodGibraltar17:13

50Karri WittDrummond17:16

51Tricia GundersonFall Creek17:18

52Jennie FitzpatrickDarlington17:18

53Denise KlotterGibraltar17:19

54Susan WaskowiakRib Lake17:20

55Carrie CarnesHurley17:21

56Kristin BurhoDrummond17:22

57Gina StauffacherDarlington17:24

58Amy HeinMarshall17:24

59Ashley HollandNew Glarus/Monticello17:25

60Tish WitzigFennimore17:27

61Danica KranigFall Creek17:33

62Becky GrossheimElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah17:43

63April ThumsRib Lake17:45

64Emily HaackMarshall17:45

65Kathy StauffacherDarlington17:59

66Trisha WagnerElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah17:59

67Janelle CiprianoFall Creek18:00

68Kathy SmithDarlington18:02

69Amy KoivistoHurley18:16

70Tina MrozinskiHurley18:23

71Kris RynesBrookwood18:24

72Jacci SchweitzerElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah18:25

73Stacia VolbrechtFall Creek18:26

74Erika WilsonGibraltar18:37

75Beth RileyMarshall18:38

76Karen CudworthElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah18:40

77Ashley AholaHurley18:54

78Darcy BarnhartMarshall18:51

79Steph InnesHurley18:54

80Deran WeisDrummond18:57

81Dawn ArndtBrookwood19:08

82Kim PoncekRib Lake19:20

83Darcey OchodnickyRib Lake19:45

84Stacey KlimbeckRib Lake19:47

85Shelby HeuerFall Creek20:04

86Adrieene HansonDrummond20:30

87Gemma GuintaMarshall21:01



Team Standings


1Gibraltar2-4-6-9-33  54

2Fennimore7-12-13-14-21  67

3Brookwood1-16-23-29-32  101

4Drummond5-11-31-34-40  121

5Darlington15-22-25-36-41  139

6Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah19-20-26-45-49  159

7Fall Creek8-27-35-44-50  164

8Rib Lake3-24-38-46-65  176

9Hurley17-18-39-52-53  179

10Marshall10-28-42-47-58  185's Champion of Champions Series: 1994 Gibraltar Cross Country

A runner from Sevastopol may have won the battle, but it was the Gibraltar girls' cross country team that won the war in 1994 as it captured its first of two straight championships.


Four Vikings runners finished in the top 15, including Erika Johnson's time of 15:29 on the 4K course. That was good enough to be in first place for the runners connected to teams. Felice Birmingham (16:02), Kristy Jacobson (16:08), and Alissa Jacobson (16:33) broke the 17-minute barrier while Melissa Weborg rounded out the top five. Their efforts helped the Vikings beat second-place  Brookwood 53-89.


It was a good day for the peninsula with seven runners placing in the top 50. Sevastopol's Maria Otto captured the individual title that day, running a 14:58.




1Maria OttoSevastopol14:58

2Rachel EarneyCochrane-Fountain City15:15

3Karla YoungMelrose-Mindoro15:25

4Erika JohnsonGibraltar15:29

5Melanie LuetheBrookwood15:29

6Sara KlimeckRib Lake15:35

7Stephanie SpeckmanJuda15:41

8Faye GilbertNorth Crawford15:50

9Kimberly YoungMelrose-Mindoro15:25

10Keri WellsWaterloo15:53

11Jesse SchweigertBruce15:56

12Felice BirminghamGibraltar16:02

13Amy HoelCornell16:07

14Kristy JacobsonGibraltar16:08

15Karen HelmsFennimore16:09

16Jody DollBrookwood16:12

17Tasha WiegelRib Lake16:15

18Denise BayGlidden16:25

19Jessica ZellHurley 16:26

20Robin WissinkFall Creek16:26

21Sara VandevoordeHurley 16:26

22Amanda MikaDrummond16:30

23Christina BairdAlgoma16:32

24Alissa JacobsonGibraltar16:33

25Stephanie GoplinOsseo-Fairchild16:34

26Jamie LuetschwagerAthens16:37

27Beth TanulaMellen16:39

28Mandi HansenAlbany16:39

29Kim BlackburnFennimore16:41

30Marsha TenpasElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah16:42

31April ThumsRib Lake16:44

32Jenny WittBrookwood16:45

33Krystal CarrBrookwood16:45

34Connie HankinsSolon Springs16:50

35Ivy PetersonFall Creek16:58

36Tiffany SchrizFennimore16:59

37Julie StemperElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah16:59

38Becky FreymillerFennimore17:00

39Kari WondersDarlington17:02

40Stef BroeAlbany17:02

41Jennie FitzpatrickDarlington17:03

42Denise ArnesonFall Creek17:04

43Danica KranigFall Creek17:06

44Jamie FuerstenbergFennimore17:07

45Krista OmmondtAlbany17:09

46Becky GrossheimElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah17:13

47Melissa WeborgGibraltar17:14

48Jen WeberElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah17:14

49Melissa KraemerElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah17:15

50Jaclyn WilkinsonFennimore17:15

51Laura EricksonWebster17:17

52Susan SackettFall Creek17:17

53Amanda CarriveauAmherst17:18

54Jolene WorzallaOzaukee17:24

55Stacey BinderAlbany17:25

56Kelly KrollFennimore17:25

57Nichole DennisHurley17:27

58Sarah KruserDarlington17:28

59Kara WirthDarlington17:28

60Trisha WagnerElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah17:30

61Heather TealeAlbany17:32

62Ann PagenkopfWebster17:33

63Danielle WagnerBrookwood17:34

64Sarah PattinsonDarlinton17:34

65Amy SonsallaDarlington17:36

66Melissa SchwartzFall Creek17:37

67Kris WindbielWebster17:37

68Karin PetersonBrookwood17:42

69Catherine CullenRib Lake17:43

70Jenny CooperDarlington17:51

71Laura BushRib Lake17:51

72Christy BurnsWebster17:55

73Ashley AholaHurley18:04

74Carrie OmmodtAlbany18:07

75Ann DunphyAlbany18:08

76Kim ScheithauerRib Lake18:09

77Amy KoivistoHurley18:28

78Kristy ElsemoreHurley18:34

79Jenni DwyerGibraltar18:44

80Heidi AndristqRib Lake18:49

81Megan RindalFall Creek19:08

82Jody InceWebster19:22

83Dawn ArndtBrookwood19:28

84Carrie CarnesHurley19:46

85Rindy NelsonWebster19:47

86Heidi GottsackerElkhart Lake-Glenbeulah19:50

87Jean ZimmerWebster19:59


Team Standings


1Gibraltar1-4-5-12-3  153

2Brookwood2-7-17-18-45  89

3Fennimore6-14-20-22-28  90

4Fall Creek10-19-26-27-36  118

5Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah15-21-30-32-33  131

6Rib Lake3-8-16-51-53  131

7Albany13-24-29-37-43  146

8Hurley9-11-39-55-59  173

9Darlington23-35-40-41-46  175

10Webster35-44-49-54-64  246