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Luxemburg-Casco High School

Spartans middle school wrestling win team state

The Luxemburg-Casco middle school wrestling team went back to back this weekend as they won their second straight team state championship.


The team defeated Antigo 57-10, Prairie du Chien 45-21, and Freedom 33-28, before clinching the title by beating Pardeeville 35-33 in the championship.  According to their coaches on Facebook:


We had some very tight matches today and these wrestlers showed some amazing things overcoming an early injury to one of our upper weights and some wrestlers moved around in our lineup throughout the day to pick up key wins, get key bonus points and in some cases not give up bonus points for the TEAM! As a coaching staff, we are very proud of this group of kids and we definitely have something special going on at Luxemburg Casco.


Match #1 Round 1

Luxemburg Casco defeated Antigo 57-10

95 - Carson Blohowiak (Luxemburg Casco) over Aidan Kielcheski (Antigo) Fall 0:18

105 - Reese Barbiaux (Luxemburg Casco) over Michael Hofrichter (Antigo) Fall 0:50

113 - Lawdon Tanck (Luxemburg Casco) over Logan Meidl (Antigo) Fall 0:43

121 - Blakelee Bastien (Luxemburg Casco) over Scott Hagerty (Antigo) Fall 0:21

130 - Jacob Chervenka (Luxemburg Casco) over Zander Martinez (Antigo) Fall 1:49

140 - Andrew Klass (Luxemburg Casco) over Nolan Kielcheski (Antigo) Dec 6-3

150 - Jayson Arrowood (Antigo) over Luke Driedric (Luxemburg Casco) Maj 12-2

165 - AJ Delebreau (Luxemburg Casco) over Jordy Pregler (Antigo) Fall 1:13

187 - Caleb Salentine (Luxemburg Casco) over Samson Smith (Antigo) Fall 3:48

250 - Caleb Vandenlangenberg (Antigo) over Dylan LeGrave (Luxemburg Casco) Inj 1:13

77 - Cayden Zehren (Luxemburg Casco) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

87 - Carson Neubert (Luxemburg Casco) over Jack Sundermeyer (Antigo) Fall 0:12


Match #2 Round 2

Luxemburg Casco defeated Prairie du Chien 45-21

105 - Reese Barbiaux (Luxemburg Casco) over Mason Hird (Prairie du Chien) Fall 1:43

113 - Lawdon Tanck (Luxemburg Casco) over Cael Koenig (Prairie du Chien) Fall 2:25

121 - Blakelee Bastien (Luxemburg Casco) over Austin Vogt (Prairie du Chien) Fall 0:31

130 - Jacob Chervenka (Luxemburg Casco) over Jackson Perkins (Prairie du Chien) Dec 10-7

140 - Andrew Geisler (Prairie du Chien) over Andrew Klass (Luxemburg Casco) SV-1 11-9

150 - Bryce Lenzendorf (Prairie du Chien) over Luke Driedric (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 1:42

165 - Blake Thiry (Prairie du Chien) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

187 - AJ Delebreau (Luxemburg Casco) over Jack MacEachern (Prairie du Chien) Fall 1:59

250 - Caleb Salentine (Luxemburg Casco) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

77 - Porter Kossman (Prairie du Chien) over Cayden Zehren (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 1:03

87 - Carson Neubert (Luxemburg Casco) over Brylee Brewer (Prairie du Chien) Fall 1:14

95 - Carson Blohowiak (Luxemburg Casco) over Brady Baumgartner (Prairie du Chien) Fall 0:17


Match #3 Round 3

Luxemburg Casco defeated Freedom 33-28

77 - Jackson Williams (Freedom) over Cayden Zehren (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 3:35

87 - Carson Neubert (Luxemburg Casco) over Connor Verhasselt (Freedom) Fall 0:18

95 - Joseph Jeanquart (Luxemburg Casco) over Ben Micke (Freedom) Fall 2:26

105 - Carson Blohowiak (Luxemburg Casco) over Laine Everson (Freedom) Fall 0:21

113 - Reese Barbiaux (Luxemburg Casco) over Murphy Beyer (Freedom) DQ

121 - Blakelee Bastien (Luxemburg Casco) over Owen Lowney (Freedom) Fall 0:21

130 - Grant Ritter (Freedom) over Jacob Chervenka (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 1:28

140 - Vincent Cook (Freedom) over Andrew Klass (Luxemburg Casco) Dec 7-3

150 - Luke Driedric (Luxemburg Casco) over Gavin Prodell (Freedom) Dec 9-4

165 - Trent Nabbefeld (Freedom) over AJ Delebreau (Luxemburg Casco) Maj 14-3

187 - Henry Vander Heiden (Freedom) over Caleb Salentine (Luxemburg Casco) Dec 4-0

250 - Hunter Vander Heiden (Freedom) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


Match #4 1st Place Match

Luxemburg Casco defeated Pardeeville 35-33

121 - Blakelee Bastien (Luxemburg Casco) over Caleb Mackey (Pardeeville) Fall 3:21

130 - Logan Young (Pardeeville) over Jacob Chervenka (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 2:26

140 - Luke Driedric (Luxemburg Casco) over Howard Boyle (Pardeeville) Fall 0:33

150 - William Becker (Pardeeville) over Andrew Klass (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 0:28

165 - AJ Delebreau (Luxemburg Casco) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

187 - Nate Cummings (Pardeeville) over Caleb Salentine (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 0:32

250 - Jack Maier (Pardeeville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

77 - Cayden Zehren (Luxemburg Casco) over Jonah Manthe (Pardeeville) Fall 1:19

87 - Carson Neubert (Luxemburg Casco) over Mykey Michelson (Pardeeville) Fall 0:33

95 - Carson Blohowiak (Luxemburg Casco) over Oliver Griepentrog (Pardeeville) TF 15-0

105 - Kingston Galekta (Pardeeville) over Reese Barbiaux (Luxemburg Casco) Dec 7-6

113 - Dominic Garcia (Pardeeville) over Lawdon Tanck (Luxemburg Casco) Fall 0:18