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Algoma High School

Track athletes take advantage of sunny skies in Algoma

The Packerland Conference Relays meet at Algoma featured the best weather the teams have experienced all season long.


The unique meet saw the field events add up their scores and races on the track only seen once a year. Below are the winners with the full results available here.


Girls 3x1600m: Peshtigo 19:49.95

Boys 3x1600m: Peshtigo 21:44.60

Girls 100m hurdles relay: Reisen, McKailey Gibraltar 17.84

Boys 110m hurdles relay: Brissette, Ethan Peshtigo 17.42 1

Girls Distance Medley: Sevastopol 15:10.94

Boys Distance Medley: Kewaunee 'A' 11:53.32

Girls 4x100m: Southern Door 'A' 56.54

Boys 4x100m: Southern Door 'A' 47.11

Girls 4x800m: Sturgeon Bay 'A' 12:11.01

Boys 4x800m: Kewaunee 'A' 9:41.33

Girls 300m Hurdles Relay: Zukauskaite, Nida Gibraltar 56.55

Boys 300m Hurdles Relay: Schlies, Isaac Kewaunee 44.33 1

Girls 4x200m: Oconto 'A' 2:00.04

Boys 4x200m: Kewaunee 'A' 1:40.79 

Girls Sprint Medley: Southern Door 'A' 4:54.26

Boys Sprint Medley: Kewaunee 'A' 4:00.71

Girls 4x400m: Sturgeon Bay 'A' 4:41.79

Boys 4x400m: Kewaunee 'A' 3:47.68

Girls 3x100m Throwers Relay: Gibraltar 'A' 45.85 1

Boys 3x100m Throwers Relay: Kewaunee 'A' 38.12

Girls 4 x100m Freshman: Oconto 'A' 1:01.06

Boys 4x100m Freshman: Algoma 'A' 58.97

Girls High Jump Relay: Reisen, McKailey Gibraltar 4-08.00 2, Werkheiser, Danica Sevastopol 4-08.00 2

Boys High Jump Relay: Lamack, Jordan Kewaunee 5-10.00 1

Girls Pole Vault Relay: Neville, Danica Southern Door 7-06.00, Wilke, Andrea Sturgeon Bay 7-06.00

Boys Pole Vault Relay: Kleikamp, Kavin Peshtigo 11-00.00, Pawlitzky, Cole Kewaunee 11-00.00

Girls Long Jump Relay: Rusch, Samantha Green Bay NE 15-00.00

Boys Long Jump Relay: Borkovetz, Kaden Southern Door 19-06.50

Girls Triple Jump Relay: Sternard, Hannah Sturgeon Bay 30-02.50

Boys Triple Jump Relay: Mueller, Maddix Kewaunee 39-06.00

Girls Discus Relay: Reinke, Lisa Kewaunee 103-05 2

Boys Discus Relay: Overbeck, Brodie Southern Door 128-08 1

Girls shot put relay: Reinke, Lisa Kewaunee 35-08.75 2

Boys shot put relay: Evers, Gannon Sturgeon Bay 40-10.75 2